Thursday, September 8, 2011

School School School and i-Doser

Junior year, the most infamous in the American education system, is in full swing. My first year at Kempner High School is going alright.

The only thing I'd change about the school is pretty much everything. This school compared to my old school is like a prison. Can't go to the bathroom first ten and last ten minutes of school, doors to the classroom are locked if you're late, no free periods, if you're caught walking the halls without a pass you get written up, if you get seen with a cell phone you get your phone confiscated, can't call your parents even in case of an emergency (you have to go to the clinic to make a phone call), and so on and so forth.

I understand that the reason that school is so strict is because the majority of the students don't seem to give the slightest fuck about the school. There are those types of students I would broadly assume are at most schools but the amount of them at this school is mind-boggling. The problem with having so many rules is that they don't have any measures aiding students who actually appreciate the learning process. It's frustrating but there's nothing I can do about it so fuck it.

The classes are alright, most of them are getting better by the day so no point in ranting about any of them without without knowing what's going to become of things.

I used a program called i-Doser today after I got home from school. Don't know what it is? Click the link and find out i'll be doing a review on my experience with it sometime.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The past few days

The past few days I've been pretty inactive. Haven't really been doing much other than playing video games and reading. Just started The Testament by John Grisham. I'm liking it a lot so far I'll let you know how it is after I'm done with it.

I've been thinking about new posts to make... I have a few ideas that I actually had in a dream hahah maybe I'll make something of them.

Ahh not feeling in the mood to blog right now. Haven't been in the mood to do much lately. Will write more about it later.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Feeling shitty

That's how I feel right now :'(

Last night was playing Call of Duty with some friends having a good time, then my throat started feeling sore and my nose started getting stuffy. Had some medicine in hopes that I'd be fine to go to school (I'm one of those kids that hates missing school because I hate having to make up work)

I slept very poorly through the night and when my alarm woke me up I knew there was no way I'd be able to go to school. Head was hurting, I was sweating like crazy, my throat was killing me, coughing sporadically, nose was stuffy, and my eyes were watery as hell. 

So I told my mom I wouldn't be going to school, I went back to sleep and woke up in four or five hours still feeling like shit. Made myself a quick breakfast and made a cup of hot tea. Then had some more medicine, went to sleep again, and woke up in like 2 hours STILL feeling like shit. And now here I am feeling shitty listening to music and not having a good time. 

How has your day been?