Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here we go again...

Alright ladies and gents, here we go again with the most entertaining YouTube videos I've found recently.

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Let's start it off with another Parkour/Freerunning video... easily one of the best I've ever seen in my life, and trust me I've seen plenty. I've been meaning to get back into Parkour but I've just been so lazy recently. I also need to get new Parkour shoes as my mom threw out my old ones. Been trying to make some money in order to do so.

Up next we have GoodNeighborStuff...these guys are absolute legends. This channel is the channel of one of their members. Their stuff is epic sooooo funny so go check them out.

Another SimplePickup video! Hahah I posted one of their videos in an earlier post but this is a new one. They never fail to amuse me as they get up close and personal trying to pick up random girls.

Last but not least, here is a video a friend of mine made. It's his second video ever and it's him freestyling. Admittedly he doesn't have the best microphone or anything but he's just getting started and has some sick rhymes/flow. Please check out his video, leave a like or something on there and show him some support :-) Cheers

So that's it for right now. If I find any more worthwhile videos I'll post them here. Stay tuned!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Recap of the Day and Q&A

SO! Today was the beginning of a glorious new school year....... *sarcasm*

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Yes, this is in fact how I dress on the first day of school. I'm just darker skinned. :-)

It really wasn't anything special. In the morning I had to go through this completely pointless and unnecessarily complicated process of getting my shot record updated which was a pain in the ass I had to sit in the auditorium for about an hour just waiting for this lady who seemed like a prison warden to tell me what to do.

This new school is about twice the size of my old one. My old school being one of the best in the the state of New York, and this one being twice the size of that one. I feel like life would be a lot easier with a car...but of course there's all the trouble with insurance and all that so it sucks.

Whatever though I'm done talking about that. If there's anything you want to know ask me in the comments as usual :-D


Glassroof asked...

"If you had to choose, would you be good looking but poor, or rich but ugly? Both have their pros and cons so... you choose."

I think I would be rich but ugly. I think it depends on how poor I would be. If I was like destitute without a place to live then I would definitely pick rich but ugly because I would have a better life that way. However if I was able to get by and live my life comfortably then I would choose good looking but poor. :)

Talerfuchs asked...

"Would you rather be deaf or blind?"

Hmm.... I think I'd rather be deaf. I think life would be easier for a deaf person because they could learn to read lips and whatnot but for a blind person it's not like you could learn to use echolocation or something...or could you... *click here*

Pieter asked...

"How long does it take for the sun to rise?"

2 minutes. And yes, I did Google it.

Pieter MD asked...

"What do you hate most about school?"

To be honest, I love learning, I like the social aspect of school, the only two things I hate is the work that you have to do for school outside of school, and the fact that you have to wake up so early. If those two things were gotten rid of I'd absolutely love it. :-D

aLH3x asked...

"Kebab or Sushi?"

Kebab definitely 100%. I have never had any real Sushi I've always been kinda scared about the idea of raw fish... It just doesn't seem like my type of food. Maybe one day though hopefully I'll get the chance to have some really good Sushi.

Aaromn Stink Sell asked...

"Would you rather poop or piss your pants?"

Hahahah good question. Definitely pee. I feel like it wouldn't be as disgusting and it would be warm...and stuff... the poop would be absolutely disgusting.

Dragmire asked...

"What is your favorite movie of all time?"

I really couldn't say. I have seen lots and lots of good movies. Fight Club, The Illusionist, the Bourne movies, and lots of others. I really don't have one absolute favorite.

Michael Westside asked...

"What inspired you to make a Q&A post?"

I think I saw something similar on someone else's blog while I was surfing the net one day. So I thought it would be a good idea to try something like it. :-)

ThingsYouWant asked...

"Would you rather live forever or live to 50?"

I think I would live forever...I feel like placing an expiration date like living to 50 on my life would put too much pressure on me to do something with my life so I wouldn't enjoy it that much. So immortality would seem the way to go I think.

The Rev. Archimedes asked...

"Batman Begins or.. Dark Knight?"

I don't know... I think I would say the Dark Knight because it was the most recent one I saw.


So that's it! Hopefully you guys enjoyed it let me get some feedback in the comments below. I would love to do something like this again sometime. Goodbye everyone!

First Day of School!

Just wanted to get a quick post in before I leave. I'm both excited and nervous at the same time hopefully it goes well. I'll get to work on the Q&A when I get home from school. Wish me luck :o

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let's Play a Game

Hello everyone

3:53 a.m. here, still not asleep. I really think that I've somehow reversed my sleep cycle and am completely nocturnal now.  Doesn't help me considering school starts in 5 days. 

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Anyways, let's play a little game shall we. I propose whoever reads this takes time out of their day to ask me a question in the comments. It can be about anything at all. It can be a personal question about myself, it can be my opinion about something, it can be in the form of "would you rather", or anything along those lines. After I get a bunch of questions I'll make a new post and answer as many of them as I can. 

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I feel like it can be an interesting way to interact with you all and I look forward to it. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Flipped and The Adjustment Bureau...and stuff

So tonight wasn't really an exciting night. I played Call of Duty: Black Ops with a friend from my former town for a few hours. It was tons of fun quite nostalgic because we used to do it a lot. Hopefully we will do it tomorrow night as well with some more of our friends.

After playing Call of Duty I finished watching The Adjustment Bureau. Hmmm my thoughts on the movie. I really enjoyed it Matt Damon and his co-star Emily Blunt had great chemistry in my opinion. Well I'm getting ahead of myself a bit let's backtrack a bit. Pretty much this movie details "The affair between a politician and a ballerina is affected by mysterious forces keeping the lovers apart." (taken from IMBD) 

So I won't really go into too much detailing or really even do a review on this movie. I wouldn't consider myself that much of a movie afficianado. However I do recommend it to anyone because I thoroughly enjoy it. If you want to read a more in-depth review i'll direct you to the RottenTomatoes page about it:

Onto the next one.... Flipped. I've actually been meaning to watch this movie for a long time. It wasn't until today a friend of mine watched it and told me how great it was so I decided to give it a shot.

"Two eighth graders start to have feelings for each other despite being total opposites. Based on the novel "Flipped" by Wendelin Van Draanen." (Taken from IMBD)

I really really liked this movie. I don't know why but there was just something about it that I felt I could connect to in a way it was a strange feeling. But regardless of how I personally felt this movie didn't receive just great ratings. It received a 57% from RottenTomatoes which is a failing grade but sometimes you just have to watch the movie for yourself to understand. 


Onto more personal news. School starts for me in 8 days. This could not be any sooner as I've been dying with boredom ever since moving here. As I said in one of my previous posts I'm excited to start. I just want to get my next two years of High School over with so I can finally go to college. 

I've been thinking about it a lot lately and going to a college in Southern California would be amazing. UCLA or UC Berkeley or even Stanford would be sooooo sick but I guess I shouldn't be thinking about it too much considering all the time I have until then.

Lastly a few people commented I should make a post about the legalization of marijuana cause they said they'd be interested. I will be thinking about whether or not to do it and I'll get back to you guys. :) Till then, goodnight. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

After Careful Consideration

I have decided against making a post on the legalization of marijuana. I doubt many follows would want to read anyway so why even bother wasting my time. But if people would like to see something like that just let me know in the comments below I might even make a video post or something I have some ideas for the editing and stuff.

Anyways I watched Fast Five last night before going to sleep and i'm delighted to say it was quite splendid. Great way to pass the time. Fast cars, hot females, and very well made with a killer cast i'd recommend it to anyone.

As I type this i'm getting ready to watch The Adjustment Bureau. I've heard some mixed reviews but i'm willing to give it a go. I'll let you know how it goes and i'll definitely make another (more interesting) post later.

Time to Sleep...

Alright fellow bloggers and web surfers

Current time where i'm located is 8:23 am...I haven't gone to sleep yet so maybe I should get to that.
I'm pretty sure I could be considered nocturnal considering I tend to sleep during the day and just surf the web at night -_-

Unfortunately this is going to have to change soon seeing as my school year starts in 9 days so i'm gonna have to gradually start to change my sleeping habits.

A new school year in a new school means new friends, new experiences, and seeing as it's junior year the work load is probably going to be intense.

However i'm definitely up to the challenge. This is the year to nut up of shut up what with the SAT's and the inevitable countless hours of homework I will be receiving. To be honest though i'm more excited than anything and i'm definitely up to the challenge. It should be interesting :)

I plan on making a nice post tomorrow... it should be interesting and i'd love to hear what you guys out there think.

Here's a teaser of sorts:

Watch it if you want or don't. Admittedly it's a pretty long video but whatever I put it there for those interested in watching it.

I bid you goodnight friends.
"Man should forget his anger before he lies down to sleep".....easier said than done Mister Ghandi.

Friday, August 12, 2011

So Much Variety

I have been on YouTube for it feels like the past 15 hours lol. There are so many videos to watch it's mind-boggling.

Here I have compiled a list of the most entertaining videos I have found so far today:

The creators of this video (Smosh) used to be #1 most subscribed on YouTube but now they have dropped down to #3. It's so impressive that they have been able to stay so high for so long and they never fail to provide entertaining content and clever humour.

They release new videos every is their most recent one.

Hahahah the following video is from TheSampler. These guys constantly post funny content although I don't normally watch their videos. Yesterday I decided to watch this video because it just popped up in my subscription box and I must say I was literally laughing out loud!

Check their shit out yo

Parkour! The most recent video from Traceur/Freerunner Daniel Arroyo. Featuring some incredible moves from the man himself I enjoyed this video and i'm sure you will as well.

Parkour!....Barkour? If you're a canine lover and happen to enjoy the occasional Parkour video then here you go. This dog is crazy! Hope to have a pet like that myself someday.

SO That's enough with the videos for today. I think I might make another blog post later today if I can find something interesting to write about. Have a nice one :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Simple Pickup!

Here is a YouTube channel that recently hit 100,000 subscribers.

Basically what these guys do is every week they post a video where they try to pick up women in public areas.

The idea is that they have a different theme each week where they have to use certain words and phrases to complete the challenge and get the girls. Very interesting, very funny, I recommend it to anyone looking to get a good laugh so check them out and subscribe if you enjoy them :-)

Change to come!

After browsing so many interesting blogs from all over the internet, I have decided I really need to make mine a bit more interesting...

The black and white is way too overdone and I need to make a new header to capture potential followers' attention.

So my promise to you is that within the next two days I will make this blog a lot more unique with more colours and whatnot :) Stay tuned mates!


This guy is absolutely brilliant! Damn I love his style he's so talented.
I just feel like obligated to spread his channel haha he is so skilled just look through his channel at some of his poems and raps and whatnot I bet you'll enjoy :D

Stoned on Judge Judy?

Hahahahahah was browsing through some YouTube videos when I came upon this

What an idiot:

Who would ever go to court stoned??? Dumbass if you ask me

Hey guys

Sorry haven't updated this in a while...just have been lazy as hell.
Expect me to start posting a lot more here now about what's going on.

School starts in 11 days.. don't really know how to feel about this going to a new school and whatnot.

To be honest I guess i'm excited though because i'll finally have something to do i've been bored out of my mind recently.

I'll post a bit more later with some youtube videos and such...stay tuned