Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hey guys

Sorry haven't updated this in a while...just have been lazy as hell.
Expect me to start posting a lot more here now about what's going on.

School starts in 11 days.. don't really know how to feel about this going to a new school and whatnot.

To be honest I guess i'm excited though because i'll finally have something to do i've been bored out of my mind recently.

I'll post a bit more later with some youtube videos and such...stay tuned


  1. i'm starting university next month! NERVERACKING! i agree with the boredom, just end up sat on computer, boredom got me to this site haha!

  2. Uni is a good life so long as you have direction...

    Where are you going? And what are you going to be studying?

  3. I know the feeling mate, i wish i had lectures to attend but i've already graduated. Hopefully i'll be going for master's. Good luck to you for this semester.