Monday, August 22, 2011

Recap of the Day and Q&A

SO! Today was the beginning of a glorious new school year....... *sarcasm*

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Yes, this is in fact how I dress on the first day of school. I'm just darker skinned. :-)

It really wasn't anything special. In the morning I had to go through this completely pointless and unnecessarily complicated process of getting my shot record updated which was a pain in the ass I had to sit in the auditorium for about an hour just waiting for this lady who seemed like a prison warden to tell me what to do.

This new school is about twice the size of my old one. My old school being one of the best in the the state of New York, and this one being twice the size of that one. I feel like life would be a lot easier with a car...but of course there's all the trouble with insurance and all that so it sucks.

Whatever though I'm done talking about that. If there's anything you want to know ask me in the comments as usual :-D


Glassroof asked...

"If you had to choose, would you be good looking but poor, or rich but ugly? Both have their pros and cons so... you choose."

I think I would be rich but ugly. I think it depends on how poor I would be. If I was like destitute without a place to live then I would definitely pick rich but ugly because I would have a better life that way. However if I was able to get by and live my life comfortably then I would choose good looking but poor. :)

Talerfuchs asked...

"Would you rather be deaf or blind?"

Hmm.... I think I'd rather be deaf. I think life would be easier for a deaf person because they could learn to read lips and whatnot but for a blind person it's not like you could learn to use echolocation or something...or could you... *click here*

Pieter asked...

"How long does it take for the sun to rise?"

2 minutes. And yes, I did Google it.

Pieter MD asked...

"What do you hate most about school?"

To be honest, I love learning, I like the social aspect of school, the only two things I hate is the work that you have to do for school outside of school, and the fact that you have to wake up so early. If those two things were gotten rid of I'd absolutely love it. :-D

aLH3x asked...

"Kebab or Sushi?"

Kebab definitely 100%. I have never had any real Sushi I've always been kinda scared about the idea of raw fish... It just doesn't seem like my type of food. Maybe one day though hopefully I'll get the chance to have some really good Sushi.

Aaromn Stink Sell asked...

"Would you rather poop or piss your pants?"

Hahahah good question. Definitely pee. I feel like it wouldn't be as disgusting and it would be warm...and stuff... the poop would be absolutely disgusting.

Dragmire asked...

"What is your favorite movie of all time?"

I really couldn't say. I have seen lots and lots of good movies. Fight Club, The Illusionist, the Bourne movies, and lots of others. I really don't have one absolute favorite.

Michael Westside asked...

"What inspired you to make a Q&A post?"

I think I saw something similar on someone else's blog while I was surfing the net one day. So I thought it would be a good idea to try something like it. :-)

ThingsYouWant asked...

"Would you rather live forever or live to 50?"

I think I would live forever...I feel like placing an expiration date like living to 50 on my life would put too much pressure on me to do something with my life so I wouldn't enjoy it that much. So immortality would seem the way to go I think.

The Rev. Archimedes asked...

"Batman Begins or.. Dark Knight?"

I don't know... I think I would say the Dark Knight because it was the most recent one I saw.


So that's it! Hopefully you guys enjoyed it let me get some feedback in the comments below. I would love to do something like this again sometime. Goodbye everyone!


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  2. Good luck man, Im as well going to uni this fall, not really eager.

  3. I have a couple weeks still school starts..
    Third year university..not looking forward to it

  4. School is a worthwhile annoyance, trust me.

  5. Cool you answered my question. I would say my favorite film is Brazil. Definitely check it out if you haven't seen it.

  6. What's your favorite sport/team?

  7. Wow! Great feedback guys thanks for the responses

  8. Sounds awesome, How are you liking your new school?

  9. This was very interesting, nice post!

  10. What i wanted to ask is how come you've changed school? I'm a new follower so i'll need to know some info on what's going on. Thanks in advance.

  11. Sounds very interesting!!!!

    Check out my blog at

  12. Oh man, at least you are just starting... I am 5 weeks in!

    Just make sure you keep on top of everything and you'll be fine!

    Question - what are you studying? major?

  13. What are you thoughts on the current Socio-economic situation of the US. Also, cake or Pie?

  14. I always ditched my 1st day of school =)

  15. Very interesting! To answer my own question, I would live forever as well. It might get a little boring, but life is life! :)

  16. This is an awesome idea!
    Hmmm... If you were stuck on an island for a year, what three items would you take with you? (Real stuff only!)

  17. hope everything goes well in your new school!

    here is my question: supposing you are studying a subject you like, would you change it to something you dont like so much if someone offered to pay your tuition and give you a job afterwards?

  18. Thanks for the question guys :)

    Another Q&A coming your way soon and a new post as well =D

  19. Thanks for the update! Followed!

  20. Im looking forward to another post besides the one above this