Saturday, August 13, 2011

Time to Sleep...

Alright fellow bloggers and web surfers

Current time where i'm located is 8:23 am...I haven't gone to sleep yet so maybe I should get to that.
I'm pretty sure I could be considered nocturnal considering I tend to sleep during the day and just surf the web at night -_-

Unfortunately this is going to have to change soon seeing as my school year starts in 9 days so i'm gonna have to gradually start to change my sleeping habits.

A new school year in a new school means new friends, new experiences, and seeing as it's junior year the work load is probably going to be intense.

However i'm definitely up to the challenge. This is the year to nut up of shut up what with the SAT's and the inevitable countless hours of homework I will be receiving. To be honest though i'm more excited than anything and i'm definitely up to the challenge. It should be interesting :)

I plan on making a nice post tomorrow... it should be interesting and i'd love to hear what you guys out there think.

Here's a teaser of sorts:

Watch it if you want or don't. Admittedly it's a pretty long video but whatever I put it there for those interested in watching it.

I bid you goodnight friends.
"Man should forget his anger before he lies down to sleep".....easier said than done Mister Ghandi.


  1. In my place: 5:36 PM :D
    I'll start school in about 4 weeks :D
    Btw have a good night :)

  2. how old are you? In Canada we don't really call things by juinor year etc. It's more like grade 8-12.. Enjoy your time in's awesome.

  3. I am 16 gonna be 17 in April next year... going into my 11th year I guess you could say

  4. Lol my brother sleeps like that, I have the job of awakening the beast in the morning, I knock on the door and I hear a sharp low groan...

  5. loved the pot video. makes no sense to me that alcohol is legal and pot isn't. don't get me started on cigarettes .... if i went on a political round table and said "there's an entity killing 300,000 americans per year" my govt would be looking for a country to invade "to take back justice" UNTIL they found out that entity was cigarettes.